Solutions for today's demands
and tomorrow's goals

Avoiding the Dilemma

Don't get stuck between short-term solution delivery demands and long-term strategic technology roadmaps.

Instead, deliver modern, functional and sustainable business solutions today - while at the same time advancing the technology roadmap and reducing technical debt.

  • Building solutions as pret-a-porte Use Cases - in weeks!

  • Reuse components - deliver faster and reduce costs!

  • Modernize and innovate - your business and your IT!

Solution Delivery

Regardless of your most pressing delivery objectives: regulatory compliance, AI driven innovation, application renewal, or simply data driven automation - deliver one use case at the time.

Ferris organically builds fully functioning and automated solutions, on a large pool of data, service and integration assets, cross-cloud and enterprise ready.

Every single asset from data, to service to integration artefact is reusable, excellerating time-to-market of new solutions by a factor and reducing cost of operations.

Business Leaders
Focus on the NOW:

The Beauty of

Time is of the essence when regulatory pressure is on or new products must be introduced in the market.

With Ferris you take control of solution delivery with small but autonomous delivery teams. All tools on hand to complete the entire solution lifecycle in only weeks.

Besides the fast time-to-market, Ferris promotes an agile and integrative Use Case based development, ensuring that solutions are open and adaptable for changing requiremnets and evolution.

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Business & Regulatory
Digital Solutions.

Quick starting new business cases and compliance projects, built on Ferris Technology. Select from dozens of Ferris Use Cases.

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Gen AI
Enabled Compliance.

Jump start innovation and see how Gen AI and Large Language Models benefit your business. Without the need of own know how and resources.

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Data Platform &
Governance Modernization.

Automate disparate services and give your data driven business a boost in performance, automation, governance and maturity.

IT Execs
Your Tech Strategy starts NOW:

Renew, Deliver,

Apache Kafka is at the heart of Ferris Streaming Automation (Ferris SX), enabling fully stream based development and processing.

Pre-built Ferris Edge Adaptors source events and convert them into CloudEvents, publishing them to Kafka. Ferris provides support to numerous sources and enables connecting to new ones through suitable Edge Adaptors.

Ferris provides the a user friendly configuration based platform to manage and deploy entire clusters of stream consumers.

Monitoring streaming status and scaling clusters from within Ferris.

Learn more in the Developer Guide

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Gen AI &
LLM Innovation.

Introduce critical innovation to your business, without running the risk of large and risky investments, and without the need to hire scarce and expensive resources.

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Legacy Application

Tackle overdue technology modernization, one system at the time. Adopt event driven services technology and overcome technology lock-in.

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Data & Service
Mesh Architecture.

Evolve expensive and monolithic legacy data warehouse technologies into agile and modern data mesh or data lake ecosystems.