The Ferris
Quickstarter Program

Step into the express-lane of contemporary application development. Explore a range of taylored use cases and unlock:

  • Fast and efficient business application delivery.

  • Seamless integration and harnessing of the cutting-edge technologies.

  • Cross- and multi-cloud enablement.

  • Sustainable application management.

  • Grow and learn as you go - your journey to innovation starts here!.

The Program

Embark on an exclusive journey with our all-inclusive Quick Starter Program, designed to introduce you to modern, sustainable, and cost-effective application and software engineering. Join us as we guide you through the intricacies of this cutting-edge method and technology, all while delivering tangible proof of its remarkable benefits. Elevate your approach to application development with our transformative program today!


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What You get

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Our objective is to practically showcase you the benefits of our methodology and technology based application development approach. And also to provide you and your staff with practical and tangible insights into the application development on the Ferris Platform methodology.

The goal is to make the many advantages of the Ferris Platform and Methodology transparent to you, while at the same time provide you with measurable business value.

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For the duration of the quick starter program, we provide your staff full access to the Ferris Platform as well as to our engineering and mentoring staff, documentation and training materials.

We comit to engage with your engineering staff to convey a thorough understand of the concept of an en events based services and integrations architecture.

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As part of the Ferris Quick Starter Program you get:

  • full access to the Ferris Platform
  • use case choice of: AI, Legacy Refactoring or Data Product
  • a fully functioning micro-application
  • integration with own data and systems
  • access to Ferris Engineering staff

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You will gain a thorough understanding of:

  • event driven software engineering
  • concept of a microservices architecture
  • services and integrations based application development
  • developing and deploying microservices
  • testing and operating applications within Ferris
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In order to provide you with the best value between the ready-made product, the business value proof and the technical education, we take a structured and collaborative approach.

During the two week mini project, we:

  • select and define the use case
  • develop and deliver the app
  • teach and mentor your staff
  • provide q&a support sessions
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Your success is when you are satisfied with the received product, understand of the business value and have learned something.

Our success is when you are convinced that this is the path to pursue.

We will do everything in our power to lead you on the path of success!

Program Terms

The Ferris Test Instance is offered by Ferris Labs AG for free, providing users with a non-exclusive, revocable license for testing and development purposes. Users are not obligated to commit to any actions, and the instance is not meant for data or code storage, undergoing a daily refresh with no service guarantees. Prohibited for production services, Ferris Labs may terminate access at its discretion. The terms are subject to modification, governed by Swiss law, and users agree to these conditions by accessing the test instance. For inquiries, users can contact Ferris Labs AG at the provided email address.