The Event Based
Engineering Platform

Project teams develop, deploy and operate applications from day one!

Leverage pre-built code templates, edge adaptors and streaming configurations to orchestrate services fast. Wire and re-wire services at will and integrate across clouds and systems

Ferris Technology Platform is 100% infrastructure agnostic. Built to run on any cloud or inhouse systems it is deployed in no time.

Ferris URP Diagram

Event based

Ferris FX, also known as the Executor, ist the flagship service within Ferris, putting the theory of Event based Microservices into practice.

Pre-built edge adaptors, real-time Git integrations, parameter based Kafka configurations and unlimited executor services are all packaged into one comprehensive Engineering Platform.

Simply put, you build your own scripts and services as you always do in your favourite IDE, check them into your Git repository and sync the Repo with Ferris. The Executor runs your services on demand, scheduled or triggered upon one or more events.

Learn more in the Developer Guide

Edge based
Event Management

Apache Kafka is at the heart of Ferris Streaming Automation (Ferris SX), enabling fully stream based development and processing.

Pre-built Ferris Edge Adaptors source events and convert them into CloudEvents, publishing them to Kafka. Ferris provides support to numerous sources and enables connecting to new ones through suitable Edge Adaptors.

Ferris provides the a user friendly configuration based platform to manage and deploy entire clusters of stream consumers.

Monitoring streaming status and scaling clusters from within Ferris.

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Event driven

Ferris has put event awareness into the Kubernetes Container Orchestration, making it the most resources conscious infrastructure cluster management platform.

Event driven Kubernetes (Ferris K8X) keeps pods in a dormant state for as long as services are not triggered. Services and their corresponding compute resources (pods) are only spun up upon the event based triggering.

Build service flows spanning multiple containers and languages, even across Kubernetes clusters, with ease. Workflow automation has never been this powerful - and resources effective!.

Learn more in the Developer Guide

Ferris Open Technology

Connect, integrate and operate anywhere. Speed, efficiency and resource friendly - you did not think possible!

Feature Rich


For your enhanced development autonomy

The Ferris Platform is designed to simplify cross-cloud and cross-infrastructure application development.

Multi-level authentication and secrets management, connectors and edge adaptors, multi-project support, real-time job exectution, automatic retries, in-depth, logging and monitoring, bi-directional corelation ids...

All features are built dy developers, built for developers, based on years of project and engineering experience.

Edge Adaptors

Integrate with any source and convert events and source them into Kafka. Integration support is provided out of the box for many sources. Additional sources can be added with templated Edge Adaptors.

Data Ingestion

Build fully automated data ingestion pipelines, spanning diverse source systems, data types and event types. User configurable data quality, data curation, logging and monitoring ensure enterprise scale and robustness.


Consumers of data, services or events may be written and reused from any system or language, making Ferris - and your development efforts - extremely reusable.


Keep your habits and stay productive with the tech that's been serving you well. The IDE (integrated development environment) you're most confortable with already integrates with Ferris.


Test new code as soon as you're ready. No more waiting for cumbersome handovers and administrative hurdles. You're in control!


We put deployment and propagation, to any environment, into your hands. You do it when you are ready.

Git Integration

Ferris integrates with Git seamlessly and in real-time. The moment your code is checked in, it's integrated with the entire ecosystem of services, jobs and data.


Ferris makes software development fully transparent. What you code is what you see!

No Code Deployments

Fully integrated GitOps deployment with no requirement for other tools. Re-orchstrate flows and add or update services with no downtime.

Multi Entity

The lightweight Ferris Platform and user interface make it easily suitable for a multi entity and multi project setup.

Multi User

Out of the box integration with external LDAP, 0Auth and SSO provide a seamless bridge into existing authentication management systems. Granular access rights are managed on a funtion, project and service level.


Built-in secrets storage to save your applications secrets. Support for secrets at service, project and platform level. All actions are aggregated and ready to ingest into the audit system of choice.

Correlation ID

A service level bi-directional correlation id serves as the connecting element between events and services. Track processes and flows up-stream and down-stream to determine their impact.

Logging and Monitoring

The Ferris UI makes it easy to understand what Ferris does under the hood. Log data is made available at great detail in the form of data, code and visual graphs.

You're in control

Ferris lets you schedule, run, pause, re-run and even weigh and prioritize jobs and services.

Open, Reusable

Services &
Pre-built Edge Adaptors simplify integrating and developing any automated process flow. Orchestrating reusable services on a simple interface.
The real-time integration of Ferris with Git (Github, Gitlabs, Bitbucket) streamlines direct deployment of code and services, by branch.
Ferris jobs run on demand, by trigger event, or CRON schedule. Manage all from one central location.
Built-in logging and monitoring with real-time insight into development, testing, and operations. Control jobs from the command center.
Event sources double as data sources and triggers, including streams like Kafka, AWS, SQS, Azure, Google, Minio, or Debezium, as well as incoming Web Hooks.
The expanding Ferris Edge Adaptors streamline delivery time by handling complex tasks like data integrations, protocol conversions, and real-time processing.
The Streaming Hub simplifies source data integration, topic and consumer management, with built-in cluster scaling for resource optimization.
Ferris is language agnostic, supporting consumers written in any programing language. Python users benefit from straightforward yet potent abstractions.
Ferris prioritizes interoperability, granting freedom to choose any language for seamless integration across technologies.
Enabling Ferris K8X is fully configuration driven, requiring only a small number of templated configuration files.
Enabling Ferris K8X is fully configuration driven, requiring only a small number of templated configuration files.
Optimize your Kubernetes clusters for efficient resource utilization. Maintain default state at minimal levels, avoiding constant 100% utilization.