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Ferris Labs AG was established in Switzerland by a group of Data and Technology enterpreneurs, each bringing many years of successful track records in international and corporate business.

The Ferris platform has been developed and established at prime customer sites since 2016. In 2021 Ferris Labs spun out as an independent company to establish Ferris as an industry leading data and process platform across industries and geographies.

Ferris Labs is an independent and privately owned company. The organic growth of Ferris ensures laser sharp focus on development, distribution and growth.

Marco Selva
Marco selva

Mr. Data, as Marco was called in his previous life as the Head of Data Warehousing and MIS systems, at some of the largest global banks.

Today, Marco leads the Banking and Regulatory Services arm at Ferris.

Tom Debus
Tom Debus

Tom is a lifelong entrepreneur, data and technology enthusiast. He has successfully founded many tech companies and is always looking to bring his ideas to life!

Tom Debus brings a never-ending enthusiasm to the company, infusing the team with his energy.

Frank Kaminsky
Frank Kaminsky

Frank is our Engineer by trade and by heart. He forges new paths, testing our technologies in previously uncharted industries and territories.

Frank is our Head of Finance, thus keeping us all honest.