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Meet the ultra-fast Ferris Unified Real-Time Platform (URP), making software development, deployment and operations easier and more effective than ever.

How do you bridge the demand-gap?

Catering to the immediate business needs often results in tactical solutions, built on a 'business as usual' approach. The result: less than satisfactory solutions and an ever increasing legacy bow-wave!

  • Are new business solutions built on old tech?

  • Is technical debt costly and constantly increasing?

  • Must true innovation wait?

Issue No. 1

Time to Market

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unpredictable delievry and delays targets

Issue No. 2

Operating Costs

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increasing maintenance overhead costs

Issue No. 3

Opportunity Loss

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stalling tech and innovation adoption

Focus on your Competitive Edge!

Accelerate solution delivery by a factor, keeping your budgets in check and your business happy.

Bridging the Gap
to Strategic IT


Legacy applications account for up to 80% of annual IT budgets, leaving little room for strategic investments that are imperative to advancing your organization's competitive edge.

Data &
Service Mesh

The time to act on generative AI is now. Being late to the game could prove fatal - but what if the skills required seem unavailable? Do you have good ideas, but no idea how to act on them?


You heard that "data is the new oil". But how do you make this theme tangible in the short term and without breaking your bank or putting security at risk?

Adopting new tech
does not have to be hard

  • Develop and deliver production level use cases in only weeks

    From zero to production, fast solution delivery is at the core of it all.

  • Lower operating costs by~ 60%

    Dramatically streamlined and simplified development, deployment and operations.

  • Extend your digital arsenal

    Grow reusable assets and reduce operating cost, while upping your team skills, one project at the time.

Quick Starter Program

Dive into the future of modern, fast and sustainable application engineering with the Ferris Development Platform. In less than 2 weeks, receive a fully functioning, business-ready Use Case, meticulously tailored to your specific needs, ensuring immediate relevance and applicability.

Use Case

  • Use case choice of: AI, Refactoring or Data Product
  • Taylored to your own business
  • Fully functioning micro application
  • Integrated with own data and services

Technology Platform

  • Full access to Ferris Platform
  • Cross-, multi- and hybrid cloud enabled
  • Access to 1'000s of edge adaptors
  • Portable platform, services and processes

Solution & Enterprise

  • Solutions, Enterprise and Microservices Architecture
  • Coding event driven microservices
  • Orchestrating automations
  • No code deployment
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"Within a very short time frame Ferris Labs has implemented a state-of-the-art Data Platform and integrated it with our ecosystem. Doing that, they have optimally positioned the bank for Big Data, Data Operations and Governance."


The Ferris Unified Real-Time Platform

The cutting-edge event-driven integration and automation platform, designed to expedite the development, deployment, and operation of applications for engineering and DevOps teams.

Development and Orchestration of Services

Ferris Executor (FX) is the core platform service, built to develop, orchestrate, deploy and even operate event based applications. With the Executor, teams build and operate fully automated service flows such as data ingestions, data quality, cross-cloud processes, large language models (eg. ChatGPT), or refactoring of legacy services.

The unique low learning curve approach significantly reduces the cost of deploying enterprise wide process and integration pipelines across disparate systems at speed. While at the same time creating a platform with practically unbound access and ease of integration.

FX is a ground-up rethink of how both sync and async microservices are built in multi-cloud, highly volatile and fragmented software environments.

On FX you are effectively writing large applications by connecting “blocks” of code (services) through events. An approach that is highly intuitive and in line with iterative agile practices.

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Streaming Automation and Edge Adaptors

Ferris is built as an Event based Serices Architecture, combing the notion of events (triggers) and services (individual tasks). In simple terms, it is a system where different components or services communicate and respond to events. Events are occurrences or notifications that can trigger specific actions or processes. Instead of services constantly polling or checking for updates, they subscribe to events and react when those events occur.

Examples of events may be the simple user registration in a web service, a stock trade on an exchange service, or the updating of patient records in a hospital system.

The end result of combining events and services are fully automated business processes, whereas the combination and orchestration of event and services chains are open and sheer endless.

A large and growing number of pre-built Edge Adaptors facilitates a fast and easy integration of source systems with Ferris. Where there are no pre-built adaptors, new ones can be built using Edge Templates.

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Kubernetes Platform

Ferris has incorporated Kubernetes as a fundamental element in its technology stack, streamlining the implementation of Ferris across diverse infrastructures. This includes setups such as cross-cloud, multi-cloud, and inter-cloud configurations.

In the realm of Kubernetes setups, there are two distinct flavors, each complementing the other:

  • Firstly, there's the basic Static Container Management setup, offering extensive container orchestration capabilities across various clouds and programming languages.
  • Secondly, the Event-driven Kubernetes setup supports services and automations triggered by events. In this configuration, pods remain dormant until awakened by specific trigger events. This approach ensures optimal resource utilization, keeping potentially expensive cloud compute resources at a bare minimum.

Ferris also introduced the Kubernetes based concept of " ephemeral events management," signifying that events occur fleetingly, lasting only for a brief moment. To accommodate this brief duration, Ferris has created a technology facilitating cross-cloud and multi-language events management. This technology is ultra effective, using a bare minimum of compute resources and allows for the flexible orchestration of events and services, regardless of their origin.

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Ferris Technology

The Ferris technology architecture is based on open technology components and standards to accomodate a maximum of openness and integration capabilities. We maintain strictr architecture and design principles to ensure:

  • Scalability and performance
  • Architectural flexibility
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Reusability of any and all assets
  • Engineering and DevOps autonomy
  • Infrastructure resources efficiency
  • Avoiding technology lock-in!

The Ferris Platform is built to serve enterprise grade applications. Integration, performance, realiability and robustness as well as a high degree of security are therefore core to our standards.

While we use open technologies and standards, such as Kubernetes and Kafka, we always aim to advance these technologies and make them even better!

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